Twilight Fans Have More Great News!

The Twilight Saga: New Moon hits the theaters on November 20, 2009, just a few months away.  You thought that that was the good news, right?  Well, it even gets better!  Director David Slade, who also directed one of my favorite movies, 30 Days of Night, will be starting production of another Twilight movie next month!  The Twilight Saga: Eclipse is supposed to pick up right where New Moon leaves off, and Bella may be in for trouble, because Victoria isn’t done with her yet.  As Victoria teams up with the new vampire Riley in a twisted plot to rid the world of Bella, who will save her this time?  To answer that question, you have to wait for the movie!!!

Sounds exciting huh?  I thought you might like this new bit of info.  Production on the third Twilight movie starts on August 17, 2009.  So, who do you think Bella will end up with, Edward Cullen or Jacob Black.  Will Bella finally get her wish to be a vampire, or will she live the rest of her days as a mortal?




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