Pray for Bowe Bergdahl

It was a hot summer day in 1991, and my squadron was on alert for the impending war against Iraq.  While sitting around the table discussing the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, several soldiers came into the shop saying that the the planes were leaving.  Everyone rushed outside to see what was going on, and all of our AC-130 gunships and MC-130 Recon. planes were all lining up and taxiing to the runways.  That was a sight that I will never forget as the sounds of all those engines rumbling so loud you could feel it in your chest.  I’ve never heard anything even close to the sound of ten AC-130s and around six MC-130s running at the same time.  The planes took off one by one, circled the base, and then took off in formation heading for Saudi Arabia to aid Kuwait.  In the weeks to come, the US officially declared war on Iraq, and most of us went over to Kuwait as support.

Six weeks or so into the first gulf war, one of our AC-130s was shot down as it commenced an offensive in full moonlight.  All seven members aboard the plane were killed.

Here we are today fighting Iraq again, and also fighting the war on terrorism in Afghanistan.  I keep up with the news as much as I can, and partly because of my service in the Air Force, can’t help but feel a bond with fellow servicemen and women fighting the wars of today.  News of Bowe Bergdahl unfortunately, came as no surprise, as the Taliban and other terrorists, don’t recognize the Geneva Convention or care about honor, integrity, and respect.  How can we fight a war when we’re the only ones playing by the rules?

One thing that really disgusts me is the way the Taliban treats American prisoners of war.  I’ve seen videos of soldiers being held by the Taliban, and some of those were so horrible that it took days before I could actually sleep at night.  I pray for Bowe Bergdahl’s safe return and ask for anyone reading this to do the same.  Every day the Taliban holds Bowe is not only hard on his family, but for every man and woman that has served this country.  I know the Taliban is ruthless and  has executed scores of American soldiers in such horrible and detestable ways, there is an increased sense of urgency for the US military to mount a rescue.  It has been done successfully in the past, and it could happen again, American Special Forces raid a compound and rescue the captured American soldier.  The rescue of Pfc. Jessica Lynch from an Iraqi hospital was a complete success as special forces swarmed the hospital and found her.  Luckily, the hospital staff hid her from the bad guys.

Lt. Col. Ralph Peters, who is a “Strategic Analyst” for Fox News made some statements concerning Bowe Bergdahl in an interview televised on or about July 20, that sided Bowe with the Taliban.  This guy, Lt. Col Peters, is essentially telling the Taliban to kill Bowe to save the US money and headaches because he is a deserter.  Who does Peters think he is anyway?  In the video of Bowe Bergdahl being used as a propaganda tool, it’s clear that the soldier is under strict duress and being told pretty much what to say.  I feel confident in saying that Lt. Col Peters has never been in enemy hands, and that if he had been captured in the past, Peters wouldn’t be making these statements.  The interview I’m referring to can be found HERE.  Lt. Col. Ralph Peters should be held accountable for endangering the life of Pfc. Bowe Bergdahl, and when Bowe comes home, I hope he punches Peters in the nose.  Obviously, Lt. Col. Peters just wanted his face to be in the newspapers across the country.  I’m glad that he got his wish, and hope that the American people feel as I do, ending Peters’ career and public life as he knows it.




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