Birds and Blooms Magazine

I submitted three of my photographs to Birds and Blooms magazine, hoping that they would be published. .  As I waited for an email from the editor with details of which edition I should look for, I lost hope.  I submitted the three photos via email, so it’s a good bet that I slipped through the cracks.  After doing some work on my website (,) I was reminded of the photo submissions.  At I found another option that somehow got by me the first few times.  It was called “Photo Challenge.” I submitted the three photos below, and this is a good start.




Now that the photos have been submitted to the Photo Challenge, other Birds and Blooms members and readers will see them and be able to comment about them.  I always like to hear comments about my work, whether it be positive or negative.  I’ve had a lot of positive feedback, and I thank everyone for sharing their views, suggestions, and compliments with me.  The photos in this blog have been reduced in size and quality for viewing on the web, and every photo is protected under US Copyright Laws, © 2008 William E. Sipe, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


About WilliamSipe

I moved to Baltimore in 1994 to continue my printing career, and to seek out better opportunities. While picking up valuable experience in two different printing companies, I began thinking of starting my own business. My son was born on July 31, 2004, and is a very special child that means the world to me. After a near-fatal accident that left me disabled in 2004 and unable to return to my printing job, I decided to fall back on my passion for photography and graphic design and work for myself. This is when Pro-PhotoShots was born. Deciding to make photo gifts such as t-shirts, mouse pads, tote bags, sportspacks just to name a few, I bought the necessary equipment and went to work. Using my industrial grade quality materials and equipment and my experience in both photography and graphic design, I went public with my website ( offering my services to the world! It's been a great experience, and I hope we are still going strong many years from now.
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