Technical Difficulties

If there is one thing in this world that I hate, other than criminals and scammers, it is a noncompliant computer.  Now we all know that there is no such thing as a noncompliant computer, but when you come to rely on the stability and performance of a good computer system it is like an unruly child when it starts to crash.  The problems that I have been dealing with started out with some programs not responding.  The next thing that began to get under my skin was the entire computer freezing up and becoming nonresponsive.  Forcing your computer to shut down is never a good option, but sometimes you have no choice.  This problem with the entire system crashing was becoming a frequent problem.

I knew that it was time to show the computer who was boss, and the few times that I actually got into Windows, I started backing up everything onto my external hard drive.  At times, I felt like I was racing the clock to save the many photo files that I had in several folders on my desktop.  Many of my photos that I have saved on my desktop are stored in these folders for sorting, cataloging, and ultimately placed into my archive.  These photos are either placed in a “For Copyright” or “Photos for Archiving” folders and are not backed up at all.  At the finish of saving these files, I gave the computer the much anticipated and well-deserved “finger,” and told the computer to “kiss my butt,” and performed a low-level format on the main hard drive wiping everything out.  This is the most time consuming format that you can perform, but there is no chance at all that any problems or viruses would remain afterwards.

When I finished installing the Windows Vista operating system the grueling task of reinstalling all the drivers and software would begin.  With absolutely no exaggeration, it took me two days to complete the massive task of installing everything and moving the files back to where I needed them.  I felt a sense of achievement when I finished, but it was short-lived.

As the work that I needed to complete was carried on to my laptop computer while my PC was being revamped.  It seemed that every time I turned my laptop on, similar problems would prevent me from getting my work done.  I felt like throwing the laptop out the window, but that would only make things worse!  I do not like the Windows Vista operating system at all, and have contemplated going to Mac several times.  I again had to start the backing up of files, and I was not happy about this at all.  With my wireless network back up and running, I transferred the files that I needed to save to my PC and started the formatting process on my laptop.

I really like my laptop, and have had very few problems with it in the year that I’ve had it.  My laptop is made by ASUS, and is the G50 series.  It really looks sleek with the black “piano” finish on the outside and the orange finish on the inside.  The blue interactive flashing lights on the sides of the monitor makes the overall look that much better.

Everything is back up and running the way it should be, and thankfully, I didn’t lose any important files or photos this time around.  Unlike a year ago, when Windows Vista failed me again, and I lost about 3000 photos before I had the chance to categorize and place them.  After that very damaging incident, I am very careful with my files.  I use a 500 GB external hard drive for backing up photos on the PC and Laptop, and another 500 GB internal hard drive in my PC for Archiving my Photos.  So far, I haven’t had the need to expand on my storage space, but there is room for more.

Unlike my laptop, I built my PC from scratch.  I ordered my motherboard, processor, video cards, DVD drives, 21” flat panel monitor and sound system from TigerDirect, and purchased the case, power supply, cooling fans, PCI cooling card, external DVD and hard drives from Best Buy.  I am currently running dual video cards for HD video, but my motherboard can handle up to three video cards with SLI technology for a powerful high-performance experience.  When my PC is in optimal performance, it can’t be beat!  I need lots of processing power for the kind of work I do, and my PC and laptop supply me with the high-performance requirements that allow me to multitask without lag and crashes.

Many of the programs that I use for either batch-processing of large RAW format photo files or mixing HD video from my Canon HF10 HD camcorder require lots of processing power, especially if multitasking or doing both at the same time.

Well, that’s enough babbling about my PC and Laptop problems!  If I write too much more, my PC will “see it” and start acting up again!!!!  Thanks for reading!




About WilliamSipe

I moved to Baltimore in 1994 to continue my printing career, and to seek out better opportunities. While picking up valuable experience in two different printing companies, I began thinking of starting my own business. My son was born on July 31, 2004, and is a very special child that means the world to me. After a near-fatal accident that left me disabled in 2004 and unable to return to my printing job, I decided to fall back on my passion for photography and graphic design and work for myself. This is when Pro-PhotoShots was born. Deciding to make photo gifts such as t-shirts, mouse pads, tote bags, sportspacks just to name a few, I bought the necessary equipment and went to work. Using my industrial grade quality materials and equipment and my experience in both photography and graphic design, I went public with my website ( offering my services to the world! It's been a great experience, and I hope we are still going strong many years from now.
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