Pissed Off Cop Goes Too Far – Again in Maryland.

Should videotaping a cop be a crime?  Absolutely NOT! Anthony Graber, who admitted that he was going too fast and video taping his fun on the road, is now facing a possible 16 years in prison for violating Maryland wiretapping laws.  What a crock.  It wasn’t until a week later when Mr. Graber placed his video on YouTube when his legal troubles began.


Pictured above is the 2010 “Officer of Shame” Award Recipient Joseph Uhler.

First of all, the undercover police officer, Joseph Uhler jumped out of his car and waved his gun around like a criminal himself after stopping Mr. Graber on a routine traffic stop.  Second, it is a totally public situation on a public road in plain view of everyone passing by.  How in the world would this “cop” expect any privacy on a public road making a traffic stop.  Privacy is the heart of the issue when it comes to Maryland’s wiretapping laws.  Also worth mentioning, not one time did Officer Uhler mention the video camera that was mounted in plain view on top of Mr. Graber’s helmet, so it would be reasonable that the officer knew it was recording; otherwise it would not have been there in the first place.  After placing the video on YouTube a week later, police raided his home and confiscated his computers and arrested him for violating wiretapping laws.

It seems to me that this Maryland police officer, Joseph Uhler, wanted nothing more than to take revenge on Mr. Graber for embarrassing him by showing the world how police aren’t supposed to act.  What Judge would sign off on a search warrant for something like this???  This is totally insane that this case has even been brought to this level of “injustice.”  I sincerely hope that the judge that signed that wrongfully issued search warrant makes this right by dismissing this case against this wrongfully targeted motorcyclist.  Anthony Graber should sue this cop for everything he can get, and then the police department should fire him for these despicable actions he committed as a police officer.
Harford County Circuit Judge Emory A. Plitt Jr. ruled that the wiretap law did not apply to a traffic stop because the conversation was not private, and has finally dismissed the case against Anthony Graber.

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