Massive Bird Deaths? Massive Fish Deaths??? What’s Wrong With This Story?

Collecting Dead Birds in Beebe, Arkansas (Photo Courtesy of Warren Watkins/The Daily Citizen via Associated Press)

On New Year’s Eve while residents in Beebe, Arkansas celebrated the coming of the New Year, thousands of red-winged blackbirds dropped dead from the sky.  A chilling event reminiscent of scenes from the movie “The Core,” where thousands of birds suddenly became confused due to the lack of the magnetosphere, which helps birds to navigate, causing them to fly into buildings, cars, and the ground ultimately killing them.

Assistant State Veterinarian Dr. Brandon Doss examines dead red-winged blackbirds at the Arkansas Livestock and Poultry Commission Diagnostic Laboratory in Little Rock, Arkansas. (Photo Courtesy of USA Today)

To add to the mystery of the bird deaths in Beebe there was approximately 100,000 fish that suddenly died about 100 miles away from Beebe in a 20-mile stretch of the Arkansas River a day earlier.  That is two massive species deaths within 100 miles and 2 days from each other.  Just a couple of days later and 300 miles to the south near Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 450 more red-winged blackbirds suddenly fell from the sky dead.  This brings the total of mass deaths to 3 in such a relatively small area, but experts are saying that there is no chance that these events are related.

Hundreds of birds litter a road in Pointe Coupee Parish, Louisiana, just 300 miles south of the Beebe, Arkansas Mass Bird Death. (Photo by Liz Condo – Associated Press)

Taking the investigation on even a wider scale, another 100 blackbirds dropped dead in southern Sweden’s Falkoping, and hundreds of dead snapper fish that washed up on a New Zealand beach.  All of these mass species deaths in the US, Sweden, and New Zealand occurred within the first five days of the New Year.  These strange deaths are enough to cause even the most critical conspiracy theorists to go into a frenzy.

Dead fish washing up on the Coromandel Peninsula in New Zealand

Dead Blackbirds litter the frozen roadway in Sweden.

Swedish rescue chief Christer Olofsson holds a dead bird on January 5 in Falkoeping, Sweden. (AFP/Bjorn Larsson Rosvall/Scanpix)

There are many questions as to what is going on with the birds and fish around the world, but the answers may take months to be discovered.  Some have already formed opinions while others just wait for scientists to deliver facts.  Is this the end of these mysterious deaths, or are there more to come?  I’ve even heard of some who say that these are signs of the End of Days, and not the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie either.

UPDATE —  January 6, 2011

As I read more and more news on the possible causes for the thousands of bird deaths here in the U.S. and Sweden, experts are speculating that fireworks are to blame.  To me, this just sounds like a bunch of dung.  If indeed fireworks were to blame why wouldn’t this type of event occur more frequently?  Here in the United States fireworks are commonly used at least twice per year on a nation-wide scale for both the 4th of July and to mark the New Year.  Statistically speaking, this should cause more mass bird deaths than what we are seeing now across the world.  If you have an opinion on this matter, please leave a comment.  Voice your opinion if you have one!

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5 Responses to Massive Bird Deaths? Massive Fish Deaths??? What’s Wrong With This Story?

  1. Family in Lithonia GA says:

    This morning (Jan 12th) my father noticed there was a lot of bird activity around the subdivision and that they were acting strange…flying around in o specific pattern, landing on trees in droves and then flying around and landing again. Then at about 11am my daughter said something hit here window and then we heard it again and then I think I heard it again at the foyer window…then the girls ran to the door and there were two dead birds in front of the house (one looks totally black like a pigeon and the other has some redish orange patch on what may be its wing area). The birds are still around but thinning out (130ish). I would love to hear of any other similar incidents.

    • WilliamSipe says:

      This is quite strange, and it sounds like the second bird you described is in fact a red-winged black bird, which is the same kind that fell dead in Arkansas and Louisiana. This is also the first I’ve heard of any bird deaths in Georgia. I am still keeping up with the strange bird and fish deaths, and hope to be adding content regarding my findings soon. Thank you so much for your comment!

  2. valerie says:

    This past year in May of 2009 I was in florida around the time of the oil spill disaster. I saw many fish and bird dead on the beach. I wonder if the oil spill has anything to do with this?

    • WilliamSipe says:

      There are so many people that believe that oil and other contaminates are causing the widespread fish deaths, and since some birds eat the dead fish, the birds die also. As of yet, there is no rock-solid scientific explanation for the deaths of the 100,000 or so fish in the Arkansas River. Reports are still coming in from around the world about mass bird and fish deaths, and most are very similar to what has happened in the United States.

  3. Anthony DeMarzio says:

    this is going to sound a little off the deep end but people allways say that there are uso’s
    (unidentified submersable objects) also the term water ufo’s , its very possible that nuclear radiation from and out going uso that killed the fish in the ocean then traveld on land in the air killing the birds before its final acent to space, who knows but its possible.One more thing is mabe its chemicals released from either ,a the government,b housheld chemicals,or c the earth changing into its magnetic pole shift causeing the counfusion of some animals even causing death. I would not trust the opinionated psycological scientists, for there theroy is one of conformity and to keep the peace of the people to not cause world spread chaos………..

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