Doubting the Experts Yet? What is Really Going on with the Birds and Fish?

Updated news, theories, and findings coming from the “experts” leave more questions than answers as to what actually killed the 5000 birds in Beebe, Arkansas.  Many of the bird corpses were examined by Dr. George Badley, state veterinarian for the Arkansas Livestock and Poultry Commission, reported that the birds actually died midair from internal bleeding.  The majority of the bleeding was concentrated to breast tissue of otherwise healthy birds, which would be consistent with a “crash and burn” dive.  Now for the conflicting statements:  Dr. Badley also reported to ABC news “Red-winged blackbirds fly in large groups and if they got pulled into a thunderstorm, likely lightning struck them. That would be my best guess.”  ABC news reports that it was calm and clear in Beebe, Arkansas the night the birds fell, which puts immediate doubt on Dr. Badley’s latest theory.

Actually, nobody really knows yet what was to blame, but everyone is in agreement that it was, to say the least, very unusual and eerie.  Some even go as far as to say that these mass deaths are most definitely signs of the coming Apocalypse, or End of Days.  Everyone has their own ideas or theories about these odd deaths, but is it just an act of nature?  Any forensic pathologist will tell you that it is much too soon to speculate on cause of death, and that perhaps there just haven’t been enough birds or fish examined in Arkansas, and that science will eventually find the answer.  If you believe the expert testimony, and you overlook the obvious falsehoods of their recent statements blaming fireworks, lightning, etc., then you should feel at ease.  The obvious thing to me at this point is that nobody, even the experts, has the slightest clue as to what really happened, at least not yet.

Dead Turtle Dove Falls into a Tree in Faenza, Italy

Dead Turtle Doves Litter the Ground in Faenza, Italy.

Now hitting the wire is a report of an estimated 1000 birds, mostly turtle doves and pigeons that died suddenly in Faenza, Italy, about 30 miles southeast of Bologna.  Nadia Caselli of The Association of Bird Protection, another expert, has stated that the birds perhaps ate too many sun flower seeds and died.  Wow, I wonder why this would be hitting the news if it was caused by overeating.  I’m sure that in years past, there have been hungry birds there before!


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