Morning Joe

Are there any coffee lovers out there? Here at the Sipe house, we love our morning coffee, and that will probably never change, unless for some reason coffee beans become a thing of the past! I know what you’re thinking… Blogging about coffee, hmm, must not have anything else to blog about huh? Not quite! Coffee is and has been treasured, coveted drink around the world for a thousand years, and the selections available are as numerous today as there are flavors of bubble gum.

For the past several years I’ve been getting our coffee from Gevalia Kaffe, where I belong to a couple of their gourmet coffee clubs. Gevalia currently offers four different coffee clubs to choose from, and if that’s not good enough, they also offer gourmet teas from around the world. Coffee fit for a king, right? Well, actually, yes. In fact, Gevalia Kaffe still serves as coffee purveyor to the Royal Court of Sweden, and has held that position for the past 150 years!

When I joined Gevalia’s Seasonal Flavors coffee club a while back, I wanted to experiment with a few new flavors. The German Chocolate Cake was our favorite, and makes a terrific cappuccino! The Seasonal Flavors club offers a new flavor for each of the four seasons: Winter – German Chocolate Cake, Spring – Pecan Torte, Summer – Raspberry Danish, and Fall – Pumpkin Spice.

When my mother visits, she knows that she will have a great cup of coffee or cappuccino and my son Jaden will run around the house like a crazy person!!! 

Gevalia coffees come in 8oz. packages ranging from $6.65 to $9.95 per pack, and arrive on a schedule you set up, whether it is every four weeks, six weeks, eight weeks, etc. Gevalia offers more than 40 different flavors of their exceptional coffees and teas, so I’m sure that there is one that you will love more than the rest! If you are interested in the best coffee in the world, and would like to try a risk-free trial membership that you can simply cancel at any time just click here: and you will receive a free coffee maker with your introductory shipment just for giving them a try!  Make sure you tell them that Bill sent you!


About WilliamSipe

I moved to Baltimore in 1994 to continue my printing career, and to seek out better opportunities. While picking up valuable experience in two different printing companies, I began thinking of starting my own business. My son was born on July 31, 2004, and is a very special child that means the world to me. After a near-fatal accident that left me disabled in 2004 and unable to return to my printing job, I decided to fall back on my passion for photography and graphic design and work for myself. This is when Pro-PhotoShots was born. Deciding to make photo gifts such as t-shirts, mouse pads, tote bags, sportspacks just to name a few, I bought the necessary equipment and went to work. Using my industrial grade quality materials and equipment and my experience in both photography and graphic design, I went public with my website ( offering my services to the world! It's been a great experience, and I hope we are still going strong many years from now.
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