About My Piece of the Web

“Bill’s Piece of the Web” is where I like to voice my opinions about topics pulled from the headlines, local events, business affairs, and just about anything else that is newsworthy or interesting.  I’ve added content from my own business website, www.Pro-PhotoShots.com, to add some of my work to my space.  Pro-PhotoShots was about to expand in several different directions, that is, until Hit Web Design, who built my website and hosted it, decided not to pay their federal taxes and got shut down.  Without ever fixing the bugs, fulfilling their hosting plan which included design time for upgrades and updates, and not completing my photo gallery, they just took my money and ran.  Check out the blog post “Hit Web Design: Trouble in Paradise–Federal Tax Lien = Closed for Business!” to see full story.

2 Responses to About My Piece of the Web

  1. Hi, thanks for posting on the Hit ISO issue. I am the editor/creator of the video on youtube you linked to. I just wanted to share with you a new video I posted:

    Thanks for your support!

    • WilliamSipe says:

      Your videos are very compelling and they show that ISO Webworks is in fact very nervous that the public in which they ripped off when they were Hit Web Design is not going away. We will keep on top of every move they make, and make it very public. If everyone that has been scammed by HIT sticks together to warn potential victims of the new ISO Webworks scheme, the criminals of this story will continue to shutter and they will fail. I think that there are enough victims of HIT to really make a difference as long as they take a stand and let everyone know what HIT did, and how HIT has hurt them, using any media outlet that is available to them. Sooner or later, as the saying goes, “What comes around, goes around,” will be our justice. Thank you for posting the videos, and I hope to see more in the future! I hope you get some real damaging info from your calls that will open this can of worms even more!

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